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We will make your eyes shine

Welcome to the feel-good zone! You will find our Vitality space on the 2nd floor. We offer treatments related to eyes.
Please book an appointment at reception. 

Cancellations please 24 hours before your appointment. You will be taken care of by: Brigitte Reiff. For further information call: +43 664 2237147

Everything around your eyes

Eyelash tinting 

Beautiful eyelashes are a special feature of your face. We colour them with a special eye care cream, which creates an inseparable unity between appearance and care. 

  • Price: € 15,-


Eyebrow dying 

The eyebrows highlight your expression and charisma of your eyes. The right colour either emphasises your eyebrows or will discreetly put them in the background – perfectly harmonized for all facial types. 

  • Price: € 10,-



Collagen eye- pads 

The zones around the eye are one of the most sensitive parts of your face. Collagen eye-pads fine skin creases and unsightly swellings will rapidly diminish.

  • Duration: 15 Min
  • Price: € 21,-