Hotel Gasthof zur Post aroma oils

Relaxing massages for body and soul

Welcome to the fell-good zone! Treat yourself to one of our beneficial massages. You will find our Vitality space on the 2nd floor. You can book an appointment at reception. 

Cancelations please 24 hours before your appointment. You will be taken care of by: Brigitte Reiff and Ulli Plötzenender (Shiatsu). For further information call: +43 664 2237147 and +43 650 9478009 (Shiatsu)

Let your body feel newly born

Classic massage 

Well-being and relaxation for body and soul: After the one-hour long full-body massage you will literally feel newly born. Trust the skills of experienced hands. 

  • Duration: 60 Min
  • Price: € 64,-

Partial-Massage for back and legs

The back and the legs are the most stressed parts of the body. A massage in these zones releases not only muscular tension but it also stimulates the circulation. 

  • Duration: 25 Min
  • Price: € 35,-


Aromatic oil massage

Combine the advantages of a massage with the impact of the scented warm oil: Our aromatic oil massage provides wellbeing and relaxation. Treat yourself to a health enhancing break from everyday life. 

  • Duration: 40 Min
  • Price: € 49,-

Foot Reflexology Massage 

A popular and effective classic under the massages: Our Foot reflexology massage activated the body energy and strengthens the immune system. Stimulate your organs! 

  • Duration: 25 Min
  • Price: € 35,-


Hot-Stone Massage 

A type of massage with an Asian and Indian origin: Our Hot-Stone Massage relaxes your muscles with the help of warm stones. Enjoy this indescribable feeling for body, spirit and soul.  

  • Duration: 60 Min
  • Price: € 68,-


One hour, that will make you forget everyday life. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage form that takes place traditionally on a soft mat on the floor. Enjoy the therapeutic and invigorating effect of this high art form of massages. Available on early request!  

  • Duration: 60 Min
  • Price: € 65,-