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Feel comfortable in your skin

Welcome to the feel-good zone! You will find our Vitality space on the 2nd floor.
Please book an appointment at reception. 

Cancellations please 24 hours before your appointment. You will be taken care of by: Brigitte Reiff. For further information call: +43 664 2237147

Tender-loving care for your skin

Sea-salt peeling 

A very special peeling, that makes use of the virtue of sea salt. It strengthens the circulation of the skin and removes the skin cells from the surface. It is like putting your skin into a new dress. 

  • Duration: 30 Min
  • Price: € 15,-

Honey Ginger Pack 

Honey and Ginger are the perfect combination for skin care. Our honey-ginger pack has a pleasant long-lasting effect on your skin. Enjoy a bit of luxury for your skin!

  • Duration: 40 Min
  • Price: € 39,-


Evening Primrose-body treatment 

The natural aging does not bypass the skin. However something can be done to visibly and sensible work against it: Our Evening Primrose-body treatment is the anti-aging program for your skin. 

  • Duration: 40 Min
  • Price: € 39,-


Groomed hands and fingernails are now seen as a matter of course. Use our base-package including a professional hand massage to combine beautiful with pleasant. 

  • Price: € 34,-


Spa Manicure 

The wellness-package for hand and fingernail treatment. Our special hand peeling and professional hand massage result in velvety soft hands that can be show in any life situation.  

  • Dauer: 50 Min
  • Preis: € 53,-

Paraffin pack 

Especially dry and chapped hands and feet need intensive care. Our paraffin pack stimulates the blood circulation and eases the pain. You will already feel the success after the first treatment!

  • Duration: 25 Min
  • Price: € 29,-