Your taste buds always have high season

Our  kitchen boasts four seasons: The whole year we serve our guest seasonal treats from the Salzkammergut. From asparagus weeks in the spring, to traditional wild game specialities in the fall. 

Be inspired and surprised! Every season creates an appetite for the freshly harvested or caught specialities from the region. Or putting it into other words: Your taste buds always have high season.

Completely wild for traditional wild game

From deer to venison and from wild rabbit to St. Martin’s goose: Wild game pleases gourmets and aficionados with enduring popularity. Depending on the wild game type the seasonal time is spread over the year, with the main focus during the fall.

As a highlight we serve St. Martin’s goose traditionally on November 11. 

Enjoy freshly caught fish

When the most beautiful lakes of the Salzkammergut are virtually in front of our door, we simply must serve freshly caught fish. Trout and Char have been our seasonal specials for many years.

By the way: Whoever wants to catch their food themselves can get their fishing permit at the Gasthof Fürberg from the beginning of April until the end of November.

Mushrooms: from the forest directly to your plate

In summer and especially fall it’s mushroom time all over the Salzkammergut.

During these months mushroom lovers can look forward to specially prepared dishes with chanterelles, cepes and more. Freshly picked from the forest of the region. 

Springtime is asparagus time

Asparagus is not only one of the most popular culinary treats, but also very healthy. This is reason enough, to attract our guests and gourmets to the Post with creative dishes. You should not miss our asparagus specialities- the next spring is around the corner.