Glöcklerläufe und Dreikönigsreiten

Hotel Gasthof zur Post Glöcklerläufe und Dreikönigsreiten

Teh night of the "Glöckler"

On January 5th, the night before the three wise men, figures dressed in white wearing glowing headpieces trek through many villages of the Slazkammergut. The Glöckler inspirit the streets, to chase the winter and the evil “Raunachtgeister” (ghosts) away. The little bells that are worn around the hip provide the magical rhythm of their long way.

A day later the three wise men visit the Mozartplatz on their horses. The entire village and guest celebrate this special ecclesial day with Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. 

Detail information

  • Glöcklerlauf:
  • annually on January 5th  
  • free entrance  



  • Dreikönigsreiten (Three wise men):
  • annually on January 6th  
  • free entrance